(ISC)2 Chapter

Michael Anderson - President

Cybersecurity Leadership & Strategy, Information Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance


Eric Fromm - Vice President

Proven leader with a passion for building successful teams and businesses solutions in the information security industry and specialization in consulting, technical sales, managed and cloud security services. Versatile skill set with experience in leadership and business development, marketing, product management, engineering, R&D, consulting, operations, SOC, delivery and P&L management. Keen understanding and appreciation of how a company’s resources come together to achieve maximum performance and drive sustainable growth results. Thrives in solving security business problems, managing large and complex opportunities and building long-term relationships with clients and business partners.

Evan Christoe - Treasurer

Experienced and motivated information security leader focused on delivering secure, quality solutions. Excellent leadership and communication skills used to provide efficient, high value output. Proven record of developing and implementing strategic plans to strengthen defense in depth.

Jason Wilson - Secretary

My passion for technology goes back to grade school where I wrote my first application in BASIC to help prepare for a test. That started me down a path of lifelong learning in increasingly advanced technologies. Prior to working in development, my background tilted towards network and hardware support. It always excites me when new technology becomes available to solve an existing problem.

I am most effective in organizations where my innovation and problem solving skills can be put to use. Outside of the office, I love traveling the world or playing with my dogs. I am a huge Formula 1 fan who is always looking forward to the next race. I also like to stay involved with the local development community.

Kwame Numapau - Membership Chairman

Experienced IT Security professional with demonstrated history of working in the investment banking industry. Resourceful and analytical problem solver. Strong planning and organizing skills. Effective interpersonal communication skills. Proactive and committed to value-added process improvement.